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Queen & Slim


A couple’s first date takes an unexpected turn when a police officer pulls them over.



Daniel Kaluuya – Earnest “Slim” Hines

Jodie Turner-Smith – Angela “Queen” Johnson

Bokeem Woodbine – Uncle Earl

Sturgill Simpson – Officer


I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this one, but to be honest I was engaged all the way through. Engaged doesn’t always mean entertained though; there are a few scenes that drag in Queen & Slim. Sure it’s a tense and rocky ride, but it slows down when the pair stop at certain places and backing characters start chatting complete shite to pad out the dialogue. It feels as though the plot is genuinely exciting, but that the writers missed the opportunity to include some brilliant stuff.

The fact a random girl runs off with her Tinder date isn’t exactly the most plausible of actions. This couple have only just met. Only just started interacting. Either of them could be anybody, and yet rather than get him to face justice or even leave him to it, Angela decides to stay with Earnest as he goes on the run. There’s an obvious undercurrent of insecurity; woman with a decent career and life is secretly disgruntled so decides to throw it all away. But nobody would do that. And Tinder.. Jesus.
It’s this concept that voids the seriousness of the situation, making it an almost pathetic screenplay.



Strange, the lead female follows the male she just met on a dating app. And they actually manage to fall in love on their dangerous journey as well as have sex in their car halfway up a dirt road. I’m sure he was all the way up her dirt road in that front seat, but for fuck sake it’s incredible isn’t it. Or just plain stupid? Yes, stupid. I think the scene where they discover a field of horses and decide to go riding (at risk of being caught by somebody) confirmed this for me.


I was more in constant anticipation of how Queen and Slim’s journey would end, if he would get caught and whether or not she’d stick around. In that respect, this movie is worth a watch. It keeps the viewer guessing, however far-fetched the seemingly perfect pairing is.

Slightly exciting and a bit morbid, this one.

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