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Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan.



Song Kang-ho – Kim Ki-taek (Kim father)

Choi Woo-shik – Kim Ki-woo (Kim son)

Park So-dam – Kim Ki-jung (Kim daughter)

Jang Hye-jin – Chung-sook (Kim mother)

Lee Jung-eun – Gook Moon-gwang (Housekeeper)

Lee Sun-kyun – Park Dong-ik (Park father)

Cho Yeo-jeong – Choi Yeon-gyo  (Park mother)

Jung Ji-so – Park Da-hye (Park daughter)


Yes, Parasite is good. And it’s pretty decent at conveying one or two age-old messages throughout its bizarre story. But (quite a strong but) I don’t get what all the hype was about. Yes the scandalous behaviour and tainted moral values are funny, but I’ve seen other films with just as twisted plots, just as strong a cast. Perhaps I missed something, but Parasite isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea for a film.

I can’t deny it is entertaining when the characters start to infiltrate the Park family home. Considering all action takes place in and around the house, the scenes keep a decent pace as wide camera shots highlight the beauty of the property. It’s bloody lovely too, a feast for the eyes with its sumptuous decor (and clarification for buyers that a lot of space can be a good thing). And the tension between Ki-jung and the wealthy mother is so devilishly funny, it creates such intrigue when the young woman enters the house.

How the humour soon boils over into chaos though is interesting..




Bong Joon-ho brilliantly shifts the atmosphere of this tragicomedy by sending the story spiralling into dark territory. In that sense, the blend of genres  works nicely and makes the movie feel more human with its portrayal of how quickly emotions can change. The story also has a naughty streak to it, and this is what keeps it moving nicely. Watching Mr Kim easily wriggle his way into becoming Mr Park’s personal driver, or Mrs Kim replace their housekeeper with a deceitful plan, it certainly remains entertaining. Parasite is one hell of a devious but funny screenplay, it’s so wrong it’s right.
The whole thing reminds me of Home Alone or something. Except everybody’s home.



So there we are. This movie is worth a watch if you’re in the mood for some fraudulent activity, and tops this off with a good dose of dark humour. Intense moments keep the action in full swing, especially when the story turns nasty. And when it does, it’s a detonation of moral values and class that probably nobody saw coming.

Yes – this is a good film. But it’s not the discovery of a second planet Earth. I can’t see what all the hyped-up fuss was about. I’ll let the critics shit their pants about Parasite, and move firmly on to the next film.

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