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JoJo Rabbit


A young boy in Hitler’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.



Roman Griffin Davis – JoJo

Scarlett Johansson – Rosie

Thomasin McKenzie – Elsa

Taike Waititi – Adolf Hitler

Rebel Wilson – Fräulein Rahm Von Stroheim

Sam Rockwell – Captain Klenzendorf

Alfie Allen – Finkel

Stephen Merchant – Deertz 

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 16.28.45

Did Scarlett win an award for this movie? I saw her on television at the Oscars. If she did, I honestly can’t fathom why. She was basically same old husky-voiced Scarlett. One of those actors who even though is playing a character – complete with foreign accent – you can only hear the actor you’re familiar with seeping through.


And on that note..

..why were most of the lead characters British or American? I thought even JoJo himself was supposed to be German, but seemed incredibly out of place (like me when I visited a gun range in Texas last year – carnage). And his little friend Yorki (played by Archie Yates) – as cockney as a young Danny Dyer. Running around doing his scout activities and suddenly shouting, “alright JoJo!” in a British accent was just odd. It felt like I was back in  a school drama class putting on a show, where some students were shit at a specific accent – and the others just didn’t bother.


Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 16.45.40


JoJo Rabbit excels when it comes to satyrical comedy, its script making sure there are a few decent laughs regardless of situation. One or two scenes are deadly serious though and even tragic, but in mirroring real life the emotions of how people cope and adapt to things come through, brushed with a bit of comedy.
And the movie’s distinctive characters each add their own bizarre or witty flair which keeps it going nicely.

Not a bad watch, but you probably wouldn’t want to sit through it more than the one time.


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