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Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities


Samuel L. Jackson – Elijah Price / Mr. Glass

James McAvoy – Kevin Wendell Crumb / The Horde

Bruce Willis – David Dunn / The Overseer

Sarah Paulson – Dr. Ellie Staple

Anya Taylor-Joy – Casey Cooke

Spencer Treat Clark – Joseph Dunn

Charlayne Woodard – Mrs. Price


Broken Glass

Glass is a bit shit if I’m honest. Jackson sitting around in a chair, Willis coasting through the entire thing with an air of cool which will ensure viewers overlook his lack of acting, McAvoy being so superb that he is hideously out of place amongst the other two. And of course, the story. A theme so familiar that they may as well have saved it to use as a sub-plot in a new X-Men movie. And whether or not these things do actually link together, Glass is at points a tedious examination (literally) of men who seem to hold extraordinary powers. The female lead (Paulson) spends all of her time monitoring these men, meaning a lot of sit-down-and-have-a-chat moments. Glass plods along steadily but can get dull at some points during these, the only excitement coming from when McAvoy enters.

Its restricting setting means the entertainment relies purely on the performances of all four main cast to get us through the movie. An institution where doctors walk around exchanging clinical banter isn’t the most thrilling of environments. But the movie sticks like this for a long time, the only anticipation stemming from scenes where the three men sit down and get examined by the female doctor. Psychology students and people who enjoy analysis of human behaviour are likely to be engrossed by this, but considering Unbreakable and Split are linked to Glass this instalment is like someone began blowing up a balloon which burst not even halfway up. Glass is more of a low-down and round-up of all three characters from these previous movies, minus the action. There are flashbacks and a bit of fighting, but if you’re expecting Brucey to pop up and bulldoze his way through the story with super strength you may end up deflated. Like the balloon above.



Truly bizarre, this movie. Although if you enjoyed Split it is an absolute must-see (as confirmed by McAvoy’s incredible energy when Hedwig, Patricia, et al return to the screen). The actor is the best one of the entire movie – fact. A bit of a comedian in his own right, James carries each scene with performing glory. All of his alter egos spring to life, especially during one particular scene involving a hypnosis light. When Dr. Staple sets it off and it flashes repeatedly, a personality of Kevin jumps out with each flash. The actor must have been absolutely exhausted by the end of filming, his energy the highest level I have witnessed in any movie of the last year or so. Some actors have been great recently, but James puts so much effort in both physically and emotionally that it is dramatic brilliance. Flash – he pounces and throws his body about whilst yelling. Flash – he drops to the floor and lays there, relaxed and acting sultry. It’s the stuff of Broadway; I can imagine him on stage in something like The Lion King with all the physical theatre he’s capable of. Christ, imagine him up against Shia LaBeouf in a psycho scene of some film.. James puts Bruce and Sam to shame – big time. Top marks.


I’m sure if you’re a devoted fan of Unbreakable or Split you’ll appreciate this movie. But otherwise it just goes in the pile of 2019 hit and miss ones.
There is something sumptuously glossy about the colour of this production though; even the poster is dipped in deep purples and greens. Nice.
And the closing scene isn’t bad. In fact it was the most intriguing part of the movie, the final few seconds. Says it all really.

Don’t pay to watch Glass, you will regret it.

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