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A cop with a connection to the criminal underworld scours a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son.




Jamie Foxx – Vincent Downs

Michelle Monaghan – Jennifer Bryant

Dermot Mulroney – Stanley Rubino

Gabrielle Union – Dena Smith

Scoot McNairy – Rob Novak

T.I. – Sean Cass

Octavius J. Johnson – Thomas

'Sleepless' film premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Jan 2017

Sleepless and Tiresome

I physically do not have enough energy or enthusiasm to write a full-on review about Sleepless, it was that unoriginal.
I have seen many, many movies like it previously:

Lots of speeding car moments, where the lead character’s vehicle barrels around a city at such force that it’s incredible no pedestrians get injured – whereas in real life a handful would be bumped off within seconds, the situation written off as a terrorist attack and the driver caught and jailed by police.

Man’s spouse gets unintentionally involved in his dangerous escapades, nearly getting herself killed whilst “trying to help”. Cue an amazing talent for handling weaponry, even though the woman has never before been involved in such gritty business let alone handle a gun. Said spouse has a softer job, such as being a nurse at the local hospital. Who always seems to be on the late shift.


Child of lead character does little to escape his or her captors. And when he or she does escape, comes up with a bloody stupid plan which gets him or her recaptured. It might look ‘hard’ to take matters into their own hands but they should just stick to being rescued.
Child also comes with additional skill of fooling nagging nurse mother into believing child and father are “fine” as they get caught up in deathly escapade. Until she realises twenty minutes before closing credits they are not.

Slightly rocky relationship between father and child, I.E. parents split up when child was young and he has been distant ever since.
Child’s faith in absent macho father is restored when father beats the shit out of – or murders – various bad guys.


“son of a bitch” is phrase of the day.


What Went Right

Sleepless is an action movie. Nothing more, nothing less – literally. It contains the right amount of action to keep fans of the genre entertained, with the right sort of cast and moves at the right speed. It is average at best but will keep the fans entertained.


I wouldn’t sit through Sleepless again if you paid me.

I’ve seen some garbage over the years, but this movie takes the fucking cake. I refuse to say any more.

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