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Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.


Pierre Coffin – The Minions

Sandra Bullock – Scarlet Overkill

Jon Hamm – Herb Overkill


Kids and Grown-Up’s Love it So

..the happy world of – Minions.
Yes that’s right, the adults in the cinema were roaring with laughter throughout Minions on Monday night, enjoying it as much as the children. In fact, the little members of the audience were much quieter than us older ones – as though maturity had switched roles as the colourful film played out. There was a couple sat behind me, and the man was bloody loving it; laughing out loud at the bizarre acts the Minions got up to on screen.
I must say, this movie is perfect for all ages. Very rarely is an ‘ageless’ movie produced which fits the criteria for everyone. Yet here we are, getting a generous serving of stupid; cute yellow figures running round the screen speaking in a strange language but adding comedy into the mix which adults can understand at the same time as children being entertained by.
I found myself completely absorbed in the action during this movie’s screen time – it’s a classic ‘let it run’ type thing, where you can kick back and allow the bright animation and simple story to wash over you.

75 Minions-movie-3


HOW do I understand what the Minions are saying whenever they are conversing with one another?! It’s weird; their dialogue is just a load of squeaky noise but I somehow know what they mean. I can follow their journey, without being able to comprehend the language. This is one of the beauties of the Minions movie – a plot which is very easy to follow regardless of the cute little things throwing an unfathomable language at the audience. Personally, I find their facial expressions adorable and very effective. A single Minion manages to portray the simplest of emotions just by curling his lip and raising an eyebrow, etc. It’s very effective stuff and those in the production team involved with the animation do a fantastic job.



Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.08.00

If it’s clear, concise language you’re wanting in this movie – you’re fucked. Basically.
The only understandable words are “banana” and “me do it”. Which – whilst being in a stupor of finding everything cute during this movie – I found cute.
Sandra graces the screen vocally as Scarlet Overkill, bringing a character to life who is bursting with dynamics. In fact the actress is so animated, if I didn’t know she was part of the cast, I wouldn’t have known it was her. The style in which she vocalises Scarlet is excellent; clear diction and a smooth tone combine to form a more posh American accent, which she plays with nicely when speaking and screaming at her newfound yellow helpers.

75-1 _1422896129

This movie is very cute. In every sense. But the main element are the Minions themselves. The little things light up the screen in both quantity and hilarity. The story is incredibly simple and easy to follow, boosted along by the constant humour displayed by the lead characters themselves. This movie is as easy to absorb as Spongebob Squarepants (and just as yellow).
If it’s a movie you’re wanting where you don’t need to focus too much but want to be entertained, look no further. Minions ticks every box in the ‘easy watching’ category. Take the kids, take the class – fuck it, take the husband. This movie is to be enjoyed by people of all ages. And like I said, the man sat behind me with his girlfriend was lapping it up.

Nice work.


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