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First off, if this movie is not supposed to be a piss-take of Disney’s Freaky Friday, then what’s with the title – Freaky? You don’t call a body-swap story with a murderer ‘Freaky’, it’s a total understatement of the story’s point. Like calling Titanic ‘Tough Night At Sea’ – it just doesn’t work.
However, if this is supposed to be mocking Freaky Friday then fine. I withdraw my comment.

If you enjoy gore and gruesome deaths, you’re going to love this. One particular death was so shocking my mouth was gaping open, hand covering it. Gobsmacked. They’ve been very inventive here in terms of picking people off, it’s almost hilarious and Vaughan is brilliant too. His big beefy presence is perfectly menacing and for once he’s actually extremely serious.
Something like this has got to be naturally shit though, no?..

Considering Freaky is brought to you by the people who did Happy Death Day, it’s nowhere near as good. The deaths are original, but the novelty is just not there. Plus, the entire thing is basically a few high school kids running around all night with a murderer (or body of).
Slow in places, bland actors who make no impact, and definitely room for improvement.

I also have a funny feeling that you’ll find this in the LGBT section of Netflix in a few months. There’s a very deep homosexual underlayer, moments and references, it’s guaranteed to be thrown into the ‘gay category’. The overly camp lead male and a homophobic high school jock who tries a bit of him, a moment where somebody uses the Grindr app, and believe it or not – even Vince Vaughan gets his mouth around another guy..

It’s as though the producers knocked this up during Pride, or some sort of gay protest.
I’m gay myself but even I found this aspect of it fucking tedious.

Review coming soon.

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