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Silent Movie (a message from Ricky)

Hello all,

Once lockdown lifted and the cinemas re-opened this year, I braved my first trip back (naturally, with the occasional scowl at anybody who walked up close to me). The entire building was like a ghost ship, with only one or two people walking around. A few weeks on, and screenings of films have been quieter than a library, with less than 10 of us in there at a time.

(thankfully I got my eyebrows threaded after this pic was taken)

Brows aside, who could have ever anticipated that doing something so normal like a trip to the cinema would feel so forbidden?

I took these pictures on a standard Friday afternoon / evening.

And you know you’re in trouble when the fucking pick & mix has disappeared.

But gummy bears or no gummy bears, I’ve been back in full force. With my mask of course. And holy shit, there has been some utter SHIT splattering the screens..

Stay tuned for full reviews!



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