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The Grudge


A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.



Andrea Riseborough – Detective Muldoon

Demián Bichir – Detective Goodman

Lin Shaye – Faith Matheson

John Cho – Peter Spencer

Betty Gilpin – Nina Spencer

Jacki Weaver – Lorna Moody

"The Grudge" at New York Comic Con 2019

I thought this movie might be shocking.
I was absolutely right.

The Grudge (2020) is a fucking disaster of a script, and the main production is thrown together with naive characters and highly preventable situations. It also lacks sorely in decent shocks and scares so if you’re a fan of the horror genre – incredibly – this isn’t the film for you. Sat there in the cinema waiting to be scared the shit out of, but instead having to watch the main mother character (Muldoon) idly going about her daily job and other stuff, was utterly unbearable.
Family woes mixed with work life niggles and this mother investigating sinister – but tame – events in the most laid-back, relaxed manner (at one point she’s laying on her sofa – feet up – casually flicking through photographs) does not make a good film. It just means the producers clearly ran out of juice before the scripts even hit the tables at the cast reading.



This is also one of those ridiculous features whereby every other character who comes into contact with the evil force falls victim to it almost immediately, and yet Detective Muldoon seems to be immune, absolutely fine and given at least a few weeks to live before growing suspicious and starting her investigation. The producers of this movie should be given an award – for genuinely the worst screenplay of the last few years. It’s absolutely dire.
When I saw Lin Shaye was part of the cast, it wasn’t a question – I was heading to the cinema to see The Grudge. Let’s face it, the woman is a marvellous presence in any supernatural thriller..



..she gets less than ten minutes screen time and would have been more effective making the cast coffee on set. This just topped it off. I’m surprised I stayed for the whole thing.

I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than sit through this garbage. Like sorting the recycling or something.
Don’t waste your time.

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