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Good Boys


Three 6th grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.



Jacob Tremblay – Max

Keith L. Williams – Lucas

Brady Noon – Thor

Molly Gordon – Hannah

Midori Francis – Lilly


Bad Good Boys

Avoid this movie like the plague, if:

You appreciate a decent film.
You have at least 1 atom of good taste.
You dislike watching three children run around yelling vulgar expletives.
You dislike watching children handle sex toys and using them to reel off a load of very distasteful jokes that just aren’t funny.
You grow tedious at watching a handful of completely unknown actors you’ve never seen before act crazy.

I won’t lie – one thing the black kid came out with made me laugh out loud. Apart from that, the script and direction were horrible. This was obviously written by someone who wanted to see what happens when three young boys go wild. And I can honestly say it was probably THE WORST idea to be screened of 2019. The movie includes a scene whereby the three young friends try to cross a busy main road (freeway). Even this is broken down into analysis of how each boy deals with the threat – the running across the road – and the subsequent adrenaline rush. That’s right, something as irrelevant as crossing a road had to somehow be turned into a five-minute event.
Personally, the adrenaline rush I was feeling was the thought of pushing open those cinema auditorium doors.



Any good parts of Good Boys?
It is made with a suburban feel, most of the scenes take place in the kids’ houses or in local parks. In that aspect it runs in fluid style and has a homely feel. And one or two backing cast add a bit of zest to the production. Coming down on this like a ton of shit though is everything mentioned above. I can barely bring myself to write anything more about Good Boys because of how bad it is.



One of the worst films I have ever sat through at the cinema, in all the time I have been going. Its unsavoury shenanigans and poorly (or should that be barely) written script make one hell of a detestable movie. It is just not funny. This was basically a director shoving sex toys in children’s hands and yelling, “have fun!”.
Absolutely unbelievable what passes for entertainment these days.

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