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If I wanted to sit and observe two sloppy young women get smashed off their faces and screaming at the world, I would have stayed home and watched an episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.


Animals is a tacky piece of film which although touches on some genuine life woes, remains detestable and grotty for its entire screen time.

One scene sees Laura and her new beau sitting at a dinner table – and her friend Tyler is angry. Because Laura has moved on in life. The writing in this movie is awful, clearly penned by someone with a chip on his / her shoulder from events experienced personally. It mixes immaturity with irritation and it was largely me who was irritated – from watching a stroppy booze-fuelled female holding a grudge. Shawkat must be great on stage theatrically, but on the big screen it was like witnessing a girl with the face of an old man’s scrotum suffering early menopause.
This movie contains very bland settings too; a lot of it is based in wood-clad houses or murky bars which gives it a squalid feel as the story continues.



There could have been opportunities during Animals to include some excellent dry humour and very engaging moments between the females. But the director sorely missed the mark, and it simply became an aggressive shouting match instead.
There was one brilliant thing about Animals – the moment it ended.

There was absolutely nothing I took away from this piece of trash other than sniffing cocaine off of a female’s undercarriage is a bad idea. That’s right – the movie stoops that low.
As painful as a hangover itself, this is an immediate no-no if you have a high level of self-respect and any taste in film.

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