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Men in Black: International


The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.



Chris Hemsworth – Henry / Agent H

Tessa Thompson – Molly Wright / Agent M

Liam Neeson – High T 

Emma Thompson – Agent O

Rafe Spall – Agent C

Rebecca Ferguson – Riza Stavros



What an utterly disastrous attempt at entertainment this movie is. Not only is it an unnecessary fourth which introduces a new female character not many people will give a shit about due to the new-face-in-old-story appearance, but the jokes are thin on the ground too. And when a part of the script does deliver a few funny lines they slide under the action taking place and get lost, so they don’t prove very effective. The entire movie is watered-down teenage type comedy. Sadly it seems as though more energy and time were put into the visuals in order to create the alien characters. They really let this one go in terms of script, substance,plot staging, and every other element that makes up a decent film. It just isn’t good enough to have been released in cinemas, and is definitely a straight-to-television sort of thing you’re dealing with here.



I felt slightly glazed as I sat staring at that gigantic cinema screen on Friday afternoon; the crap unfolding clearly had a lot of effort put into it by the producers but I wasn’t feeling it. All those casting calls, script reads and takes on set – and yet I favoured none of what I was watching. So a few aliens bounce around the screen – big deal. Doesn’t mean the story is good (and it wasn’t). Men in Black: International is basically Hollywood rebooting the Will Smith hit but replacing him with a female who promises to take the reins and front the movies just as good as him.
Not interested. I (let alone Hollywood) haven’t got time to dig up and recycle the bones of a movie most popular in the late 90’s. Thompson may add welcome relief as rigid Agent O, head of the MIB but that’s about as much as you get comedy wise.

Hemsworth coasts through the whole 113 minutes displaying as much interest in the story as Kim Kardashian in a job centre. It raises the question as to why producers continue to cast him in these feable attempts at re-creating old classics (a-hem, Ghostbusters). He seems to be the natural choice to ‘drag and drop’.



I literally cannot bring myself to think about this film any longer, let alone write about it.
If you have any taste in film – or in fact in entertainment at all – avoid Men in Black: International completely. It just isn’t worth your time. Or mine.

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