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On the Basis of Sex


The true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights, and the early cases of a historic career that lead to her nomination and confirmation as U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice.



Felicity Jones – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Armie Hammer – Martin D. Ginsburg

Justin Theroux – Mel Wulf

Sam Waterston – Erwin Griswold

Cailee Spaeny – Jane C. Ginsburg

Jack Reynor – James H. Bozarth

Ronald Guttman – Professor Gerald Gunther


Good Sex

Jones gives a decent performance as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her level of dramatics is spot-on, especially during the more serious scenes involving the courts and her rise to battle. And there are one or two moments that create an atmosphere of tight tension to be savoured, they definitely kick this movie into shape considering the rest of it is a load of political bollocks.

The closing scene is a moment of genius, visually. I for one wasn’t expecting this transition between actress and actual woman. Without adding spoilers, the final few seconds turn this movie around with its unique effect and it makes a mix of sad – happy. Good stuff.



A scene to enjoy is when Ruth rehearses a court hearing in which Hammer, Jones and their co-stars all channel their enthusiasm into the gripping scene and the atmosphere turns a different kind of political. It becomes witty and interesting, ensuring a great balance of emotions and theirs and Jones’s input drives the movie forward nicely.


Bad Sex

The most tedious scenes during this movie have to be when Ruth is stood giving detailed speeches concerning the whole sexism subject. Part of the story I understand, but she launches into some ball-busting stuff when the action heats up concerning sex discrimination. The only part that saves it is the court hearing rehearsal. Otherwise this movie is like reading a heavily political book.

Martin and Ruth lay on the bed being intimate..
will something exciting happen?..

Ruth then starts banging on about equality or a similar topic and how she wants to change the rules. That’s right, it’s not fun. At all.
The only exciting thing to happen was Kathy Bates showing up.



Have you ever struggled to write something about something because that particular something had absolutely no effect on you – in any capacity? Welcome to On the Basis of Sex. This movie affected me in a way that would make blinking exciting. Would I watch it again?
Only if incredibly, drastically bored. Otherwise, it can disappear nicely to the back as the others move forward.



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