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Transformers: The Last Knight


Autobots and Decepticons are at war, with humans on the sidelines. Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.



Mark Wahlberg – Cade Yeager

Laura Haddock – Viviane

Josh Duhamel – William Lennox

Anthony Hopkins – Sir Edmund Burton

Isabela Moner – Izabella

Stanley Tucci – Merlin



Messy Machines

So here we are again with another Transformers movie, and I honestly have nothing much (good) to say. I mean what can I say? Mark Wahlberg struts onto the screen in a ripped oil stained t-shirt, flexes his muscles and then puts those muscles up in front of gigantic robot creatures whilst automobiles dance around sandy plains and a teenage girl (mandatory apparently) staggers around screaming for justice when realistically, she should be heading for safety with kids her own age instead of trying to save the world.

That’s right folks – it’s exactly what you’ve seen before. An alpha male hero fighting against alien-robot hybrids and talking complete bollocks whilst doing so.
ransformers: The Last Knight is what I’d describe as ‘messy’. There is crap everywhere during particular scenes and at occasionally there is so much on screen happening all at once that the movie whips itself into glossy chaos. Two gigantic robots dancing their way through a fight as Cade (Wahlberg) speeds across land in pursuit of another character, rocky plains erupting with smoky explosions, sand fights, stroppy teenagers.. it’s just messy.



This is one of those movies where you sit there watching it, understand and appreciate the millions that produces put into it but ultimately it goes straight over your head and becomes another Hollywood production to fade quickly into the background.
The budget must’ve been enormous but unfortunately Transformers: The Last Knight is your standard action film – perfect for younger viewers and teenagers who love a bit of mechanical mischief, but the story itself is simply not captivating enough. There is something drastically missing in this movie as four previous Transformer productions roll tediously into a fifth, and it simply becomes about nothing more than a few fight scenes between giant shiny car-cum-robots and a southern American man on the run because of his earlier attempts at trying to make the world a safer place, etc. It’s all made up of tedious elements that many of us have seen before in the movies and this is not good.




Movie Irritants:

At one point, a major enemy announces something along the lines of , “..the Earth will die and be re-created”.
I instantly knew it would not.
And knew there would be a fight.
And that the enemy would lose.

During one scene the lead female is kidnapped by a car. She then emerges from the rear seat, screaming. But ultimately does nothing to help herself, and instead rolls back inside.

Introducing the main Transformers was like something from Suicide Squad (2016); this movie had no place to try and be so hip, it simply did not work.

Viewers deserve something different, something better. A sequel to overhaul the other installments. But Transformers: The Last Knight simply regurgitates the same old shite from them and splats as much smoke, metal, sand and automobile on to the screen as physically possible – before coming to a finale.

What on earth is going on with Hollywood this year?

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