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Bridget Jones’s Baby


Bridget’s focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch … she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby’s father.




Renée Zellweger – Bridget Jones

Colin Firth – Mark Darcy

Sarah Solemani – Miranda

Patrick Dempsey – Jack Qwant

Sally Phillips – Shazza

James Callis – Tom

Shirley Henderson – Jude

Jim Broadbent – Mr. Colin Jones

Gemma Jones – Mrs. Pamela Jones

Erron Gordon – Breakfast TV Show Director

"Bridget Jones's Baby" - World Premiere - VIP Arrivals


Three Bridges

Three Bridget Jones movies. And in this third instalment she’s pregnant. Which I must say, vamps the story up a lot by blending a more mature theme with the same sort of racy comedy we had from the first two. Yes, the spinster has returned – with a bump. And this might just be the best Bridget Jones movie ever..


Every element of this movie worked on a positive; the direction, script, the plot, comedy and comedic timing, the array of fresh cast members.. these elements and more form a great structure and make Bridget Jones’s Baby a very watchable, enjoyable piece of film. Personally, I don’t think there was one scene that bored me – and if there was it must have involved Colin Firth. Let’s face it, the man is a boring bastard at the best of times. The way he struts around – speaking as though. Every sentence. Must be as abrupt. As posh. And as short. As possible. His ability to play himself in everything he is cast is perfect – but it’s not entertaining at all. It’s just the situation his character is in which probably wins over audiences. Amazingly, he’s similar to Hugh Grant in that respect.



This instalment of Bridget Jones takes viewers out of the quirky box the first two movies were kept in. It doesn’t center around a sloppy, forty-something spinster and her disgruntled existence within the walls of her apartment for starters. Instead, we get a healthy dose of Bridget’s work life (refreshingly, a TV studio where she produces a talk show) where scenes of hilarity take place. We also see what her friends are upto in their lives. And there are very eventful scenes, including Bridget’s wedding (as seen in trailer), drunken carnage at a music festival, Bridget giving birth, and appearances from familiar old faces.
Great to see literally every member of the cast back for this third movie, this also helped. It’s all entertaining stuff.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is light, fluffy fun with a hint of seriousness added to the mix (I.E. baby problems). It fills 120 minutes of screen time with the sort of action you’d enjoy in most other rom-com’s: moments of awkwardness and raunchy comedy, one-liner’s delivered by naturally funny actors (Gemma Jones can do no wrong), subtle eyebrow-raising moments, and a mix of vibrant cast. This movie isn’t terrible – and it isn’t incredible. It is simply entertaining and very watchable. Perfect for a Saturday night in.




Sarah’s Surprise

Sarah Solemani.
I’ve never been sure what my opinion of her is. Especially as the first of her work I ever saw was BBC sitcom Him & Her. Her character Becky was so withdrawn, so dull that I couldn’t quite fathom if it was the character or the actress being a shit actress that I was watching.
I then saw her in The Bad Education Movie (2015), where she was the same sort of dull character – but a step up.
Now, however..


Just superb.
Solemani is spot-on in Bridget Jones’s Baby as television show anchor Miranda. The woman had me laughing out loud during certain scenes, the comedy really shines through. Her character’s polite, formal on-screen personality ensures hilarity when Bridget’s control goes slightly wrong and Miranda ends up making mistakes during her show. The well-spoken anchor quickly becomes a thing of farce; tripping over her own sofa, freezing up in the middle of a conversation, etc. It’s a witty watch and Solemani does it well with a deadpan face at all times. Brilliant.


There’s a scene involving singer Ed Sheeran too, which is quite funny and not something I expected in a Bridget Jones flick. Normally these movies focus on Bridget and her friends, relatives and love interests – having very little input from outside characters. This is what I was prepared for this time. On the pleasant contrary, the movie breaks out of its cosy shell the previous movies stayed in and brings outsiders in. Which is a good move and adds nice comedy elements.



With a strong cast and entertaining story, Bridget Jones’s Baby is a winner for ‘chick flick’ fans. But if you don’t like chick flicks be warned – this movie is made from all the ingredients of this genre. It’s eventful though, and bursting with character. Once again the British come through with a funny romance, and keep the talent strong by using exacty the same cast. Emma Thompson is a fantastic addition to it and drops hilarious one-liner’s which had the audience howling with laughter.

Definitely worth a watch. And if you’re a fan of the previous movies, you just struck movie gold.

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