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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa


Fans of the Alan Partridge TV series may just love this.

Because I’ve never seen it, and I was laughing all the way through.
We begin with Alan – a mid-fifties radio DJ from Norwich, driving to work to start a new day.
Only to discover upon his arrival that a meeting is taking place between the management, over the fate of the radio station – and Alan is one of the DJ’s on their hit-list to be given the chop..
Cue panic, red face and hilarious one-liner’s as Alan manages to escape the chop, and points the finger (or rather scribbles on a flip chart in felt pen) at his colleague Pat.

Now Pat is pissed.

On the night of the station’s Christmas party, disgruntled Pat returns out of the dark – marches into the building carrying a long rectangular object, and lets rip – and all Hell breaks loose…

Cue some bloody great British comedy, as Mr Alan Partridge is approached by the Police to be the ‘go-between’ saviour of the siege.
No sooner has Alan re-entered the building, has he completely forgotten his crucial role of “Siege Face”, and is soon kicking back in the DJ swivel chair, watching funny videos on YouTube and eating cake with his gun-wielding ex-colleague.

(the ‘mangina’ bit is to be applauded – I can’t believe Coogan actually got his ‘bits’ out.. I’m sure I could perform a trick like that – but sadly mine almost resembles a vagina without tucking anything to the back)

What we have here is a healthy slice of comedy cake – an easy plot, simple to follow.
Layers of brilliant script & one-liner’s.
Great supporting cast.
And iced with an actor who brings a whole new meaning to the genre of ‘dry humour’.

The film moves nicely along, with Alan providing 85% of the comedy.
Its pure British slapstick – and physical comedy & farce are the key ingredient.
I thought it would prove boring and would drag – wrong!
In fact, the surreal atmosphere created just the right amount of open-mouthed “oh thats hilarious” reaction from the audience.

In a life-threatening situation, we should all have Alan Partridge around to wisecrack his way through it.
He’s a naive, loveable character.
Towards the end Alan and Pat proceed on a hostage-siege roadshow in the company minibus, leading to a hilarious showdown on Norwich Pier.

But who lives?

Who dies?

Could this be the last we see of Alan?
                        …and what is Susan Boyle doing on the pier!?

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