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Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters


Perhaps they shouldn’t have done a sequel…

So here we are. Percy our ‘Half-Blood’ hero is back, and happily camping out with fellow offspring of various Gods.
Until of course, Percy blunders off to recover ‘The Golden Fleece’ (I still think Primark fleeces are better) – which comes about very quickly.
A little too quickly..

Just as we are familiarising ourselves with the hero and his friends, they’re off!
One-eyed Cyclops, big growling doggy-type animals and underwater beauties grace the screen with some great special effects – and some nice colourful blending of graphics too.
However, this movie was nothing short of tame.
The acting from the young adult cast – tame.
The tension / emotion – tame.
Its almost as if none of the cast actually cared about what they were doing.

Percy Jackson’s first movie was actually very enjoyable. It was new, refreshing – the first movie about relatives of those famous Gods we all know. Brilliant. And let’s face it – the concept of humans in current day, being related to the Gods of thousands of years ago is precious.

But Percy’s second movie was mundane.

Yes, its a children’s movie, but I enjoyed Harry Potter more than this tripe.

Now – talking about Potter..
Does anyone else out there think Percy Jackson is a total ‘Tesco Everyday Value’ equivalent of the Harry Potter franchise?
Percy – Harry.
Percy’s 1 girl, 2 guy gang of friends – Harry’s 1 girl, 1 guy gang of friends.
Enemy – Enemy.
Magical sword – magical sword.
‘Half-Blood’ – ‘Mud-Blood’


Again, Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief was very good. Different.
This sequel (albeit good graphics / effects) was very bland.

Lets keep it for the kids.

WORST PART: The acting
BEST PART: The end


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