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Halloween Kills

Pay attention to the beginning of Halloween Kills; it jumps back and forwards in time so that it can thread the history of Michael Myers together and give the viewer a ‘round-up’ so far.
It’s done in such a slick way that it makes a highly captivating watch. In addition, the pumping soundtrack and that classic theme, strong performances from all actors, and return of old ones (splendid to see Kyle Richards back as Lindsey) makes this movie an absolute winner.

There’s plenty of gore and actually a few laughs too (that I wasn’t expecting), but it all comes down to Laurie and her family ultimately who want rid of the masked psycho for good.
Thing is, Michael is not to be fucked with. Especially when someone rips his mask off..

With an ending that was as much of a surprise to me as Her Majesty The Queen making a personal speech during the 2020 lockdown, Halloween Kills is a gripping watch. So gripping I actually went back for dessert.

Review coming soon.

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