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The New Mutants

There is literally nothing to review here other than a highly predictable, childish borefest that gives fans of the X-Men movies hope for continuation of the franchise.

This movie is basically a group of young adults constantly throwing tantrums about the fact they’re being kept in a private institution. And yet they’ve clearly been there a good few years – but only now are they protesting it. Added to this sudden uproar is the fact each and every one of them actually had the power to break out anyway – because they have super powers.

Rahne is the more vulnerable of them all, and I’m sure Maisie Williams really tried pushing her adorability to the extreme. But actually, she becomes irritating as hell as she sweet-talks her way around the new girl on campus. She basically embodies a cat when it rubs itself up and down your leg in affection (you just want to kick it).

Eye candy to keep any of you going through the dire action comes in the form of Sunspot played by Henry Zaga. He gets completely nude near the end of the movie which is a treat for you girls and guys (although sadly a random object falls down in front of him and covers his manhood perfectly). Hold on to your pants girls, you’re about to mature by a few years at the sight of him.
How ironic that his character is hot too.

The typecast is Charlie (Sam Guthrie). You’ll find he’s as oddball a character as he was in Stranger Things. The actor seems to be dished these roles as though his face fits.. That said, he’s less annoying than most of the other cast and actually manages to make the movie bearable by amping up each scene with watchable performance.

I have to say, Anya Taylor-Joy is an unstoppable force throughout The New Mutants. The movie may be an immature shambles, but whenever she appears there is an unfaltering electric force. She reminds me of being back at school years ago when we would put on a show; the stage would be filled with people who just could not act. But there was one single person who shone through and delivered a performance so strong (if amateur) it simply embarrassed everybody else.

She’s in the wrong movie, basically. If this actress was the same character in any other production with better actors – it would make a fantastic watch.

The New Mutants is (probably) a must for fans of the X-Men and similar movies. It’s one to tick off your watch list, but don’t expect much if you like a more meatier super-human type flick.

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