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Breaking In


A woman fights to protect her family during a home invasion.



Gabrielle Union – Shaun

Billy Burke – Eddie

Ajiona Alexus – Jasmine

Seth Carr – Glover

Richard Cabral – Duncan

Levi Meaden – Sam

Mark Furze – Peter



I’m bullet-pointing this one as it simply doesn’t deserve a full review.


The Good:

Breaking In contains a concept which I have to say, is original and slightly relieving from most movies we’ve been fed recently. It is simple and easy to follow when the action unfolds and its scenes shift from one to the other.

The bad characters make a solid impact when delivering the gritty action scenes. They give viewers the perfect amount of aggression and menace, delivering a solid thriller.

Praise to the younger actors; Alexus and Carr are very believable as the two trapped siblings and offer just an effective performance as each bad guy.




The Bad:

Something went wrong here. Although original in its concept, what could have made a tense, intriguing story seemed to lack any sort of direction to make it so. It is simple; a mother trying to gain access to her own house in order to save her children from nasty men who have broken in. That’s your lot. End of. Literally – that’s your lot.

If this movie was a bag of crisps it would be Lightly Salted. Plain in its style of filming, this motion picture comes across bland most of the time. It is also dull during parts you’d assume would be quite juicy (I.E. mother running off into the surrounding woods to hide from bad guys). Whereas Prawn Cocktail or Salt & Vinegar have a zesty punch to them (yes – I’m still on the crisps), Lightly Salted lacks immensely in its ability to get the tastebuds tingling. Bingo – this is how I sum the movie up.



I exited the cinema feeling absolutely no different to when I entered. Breaking In had about as much effect on me as a Vitamin C tablet; it goes down as it should but I don’t feel any different after it’s absorbed.


Breaking In may be stamped on cinema walls as a stern-looking black woman holding a working lighter, but the overall product isn’t as bold. Its story is different from many of the films we’ve seen recently, but its charm ends there. This is basically your standard sassy American actress seeing how much attitude she can throw around before the director shouts “cut!”. It has very little to get it over the winners line, ultimately falling flat on its arse and becoming a runner-up instead.

Give this one a go if you are lacking sorely in films to watch. It’s trashy undercurrent might just whet your appetite until something better pops up and takes your fancy on Netflix. Just hope it’s not The Santa Clarita Diet. Good god, has anyone seen this? Thank god it’s not a film or I’d have a few things to say…

One comment on “Breaking In

  1. Ben France
    September 28, 2018

    Great read!

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