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The Dinner


Two sets of wealthy parents meet for dinner to decide what to do about a crime their sons have committed.



Richard Gere – Stan Lohman

Laura Linney – Claire Lohman

Steve Coogan – Paul Lohman

Rebecca Hall – Katelyn Lohman


Disappointing Dinner

I have nothing good to say about this movie. At all. What I assumed (from its description online) would be the stuff of situation comedy, or farce – was not. I quote the synopsis:

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 23.25.55

(from Cineworld  website)

So I sat down in the cinema and eagerly awaited ridiculously funny – or tense – scenes made from uncomfortable scenarios..


..and was faced with 117 minutes of very boring people sharing mundane conversation. Living up to its title some of the movie does indeed take place around a dinner table, but other than this viewers are dragged through monotonous scenes including:

Claire and Paul sat in their bedroom, discussing their careers.

Stan and Katelyn on the doorstep of a restaurant also discussing the paths which lead them to their current situation.

Katelyn (Hall) sitting at a dinner table talking about her husband and how busy her job is.

Claire (Linney) commenting on everything her relatives say, with as much enthusiasm as a wet fish.


I literally refuse to talk any more about this movie.
Avoid at all costs if you have any taste in film.

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