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As a 1950s suburban community self-destructs, a home invasion has sinister consequences for one seemingly normal family.



Matt Damon – Gardner Lodge

Julianne Moore – Rose / Margaret

Oscar Isaac – Bud

Noah Jupe – Nicky



This wasn’t a bad little movie at all. Suburbicon is a highly watchable piece of cinema, using a very convincing set to play out 1950’s America. Every touch from costume to prop gives it a genuine old-fashioned feel which whips up a wholesome atmosphere. This is a welcome break from the present-day bollocks we’re being fed lately; Suburbicon really transports the viewer back in time. However, prepare to switch the spatulas for guns and carpet cleaning for arson as this story loses its squeaky-clean image and quickly becomes an uneasy bloodbath..



..it’s not uneasy in the worst possible sense though. Sadly, the movie lacks the sort of action to make you sit with nail-biting tension when watching it. Plot-wise the characters spiral out of control in a most entertaining way. They all begin as a seemingly happy family and then – crumble. This movie is very darkly comic, Gardner becomes screwed and his life hits a downwards slope which gradually leads his family members in different directions. But its plot is so simplistic that even a child could follow it, and Suburbicon makes very easy viewing.



Having Moore play two different characters who are in the same room at the same time is a great touch; it makes the movie that little bit more entertaining to watch.



If you relish a bit of old-time squeaky-clean America you should enjoy this movie. It’s a sinister step back in time that entertains where it should, and doesn’t need a lot of involvement. It’s a simple watch and much lighter to absorb than many other features currently out there.
The ending may leave you a little miffed though, given its surprisingly disappointing way of tying things up.



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