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Sausage Party


A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.




Seth Rogen – Frank ( a sausage who is Brenda’s boyfriend)

Kristen Wiig – Brenda Bunson (a hot dog bun, and Frank’s girlfriend)

Michael Cera – Barry  (a sausage with dwarfism who is one of Frank’s friends)

Salma Hayek – Teresa del Taco (a lesbian taco shell who develops a lustful friendship with Brenda)

Jonah Hill – Carl (a sausage who is friends with Frank and Barry)

Anders Holm – Troy (one of the sausages packed with Frank[9][12] who picks on Barry for being deformed)

Edward Norton – Sammy Bagel Jr. (a Jewish Woody Allen-esque bagel who has an on and off rivalry with Kareem Abdul Lavash)

David Krumholtz – Kareem Abdul Lavash (a Middle Eastern lavash who has an on and off rivalry with Sammy Bagel Jr)

Bill Hader – Fiewater (an old Native American bottle of liquor and the leader of the Non-Perishables, a drunk bottle of tequila and El Guaco, a guacamole gangster)

James Franco – Druggie (a junkie drug addict who is the first known human to see the foods as sentient beings)

Paul Rudd – Darren (the manager of Shopwell’s, the products named him the “Dark Lord”)


Vulgar Vegetables

I could sum up Sausage Party in many words.
Unnecessary – being just a few. I have not seen a movie so vulgar in years. And what makes it so vulgar is..


Sausage Party is swamped in bad language and sexual innuendo. Not one scene passes where a character isn’t talking about how he – or she – likes to fuck other food (yes, food) in particular ways or knows someone who enjoys anal penetration, etc. And this just keeps coming throughout the movie. There’s a lesbian taco who at one point is seen eating out the vagina of a bread roll. A radish getting a blow job from another food type (he has a very long stem). A horny olive bends over and shows his open anus. A frisky homosexual bagel.. Sausage Party is like the result of a nymphomaniac tripping on drugs.




I will warn you now: if you’re the type of viewer who dislikes harsh, in-your-face filthy language and action – then steer well clear of Sausage Party. It’s not as sweet as the poster makes it look.
In a sense, it’s actually quite nauseating – listening to constant smut and toilet humour for 86 minutes. The foul language starts from the opening credits and doesn’t stop until the closing ones. don’t exactly have the purest of humour myself and I love a bit of blasé joking, but this was just unbearable. This was Seth Rogan at his unfunniest, trying to be his funniest.


There is a scene which ends up in a mass orgy. All sorts of food and utensils go at each other, with moans of sexual pleasure ringing out and flooding the screen. It’s horrible, one of the most sinister things I have ever witnessed in the movies. Of course, devoted fans of Sausage Party might read this and think, “but this movie doesn’t need to make sense” – but that is no excuse. It’s still tacky and unnecessarily vulgar.

Below is a screenshot of when I uploaded my cinema ticket to Facebook, and a friend commented on it. I think she (Clare) sums Sausage Party up perfectly:



What Went Right

Sausage Party is pure escapism. It’s colourful and bursting with animation. The various food items bring characters to the screen who each have his or her own quirks, so this is a nice touch. At times the graphics are wonderfully glossy, making it a pleasant watch. It’s everything you would expect in a Disney or Pixar movie – except it’s filthy. Remove the filth and you have the perfect feature-length cartoon.
The whole idea of the movie taking place in a supermarket is great. The shop becomes a world in its own entirety, with the various aisles seeming as though they are separate islands miles apart from each other including Frank’s (lead character) home over in the barbecue section. It’s pretty endearing stuff and this structure is one of the movie’s winning elements.



Wiig brings Brenda to life superbly with the use of her naturally dry humour. I could almost picture the actress standing in the studio, performing the voiceover with those funny facial expressions. She certainly makes her mark as the hot dog bun (I can’t believe I’m saying that).
It’s a real mixed bag of cast, but it works. Each character has a distinctive personality provided by each actor; For example, items of food and drink in the World Foods aisle have Italian, Middle Eastern or Mexican accents. The tubs of ice cream popping their heads out of the freezer section are all sultry middle-aged women. A twinkie speaks and hops around as though he has a firecracker up his arse. A bottle of liquor (leader of the Non-Perishables) has the personality of a Native American. It’s great stuff. They all – both actors and characters – manage to keep Sausage Party barrelling along at a good pace with their individual qualities, none of them slow the movie down at all. Top marks here.




Sausage Party – decide for yourselves.

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