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Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie



Movie inspired by TV show Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

Developers try to shut down Mrs. Brown’s fruit and veg market stall.
They can feck off.




Brendan O’Carroll – Agnes Brown

Jennifer Gibney – Cathy Brown

Danny O’Carroll – Buster Brady

Nick Nevern – Gregor

Simon Delaney – Tom Crews





I haven’t ever managed to sit through a full episode of Mrs.Brown’s Boys. Mainly because the man does nothing for me, he doesn’t make me laugh at all. For me, Brendan O’Carroll is just a man – obviously dressed in women’s clothing – displaying improvised humour which would bring the house down in the late 1980’s. But as a modern society in 2014, he just doesn’t cut it for me. An irritating addition is the fact he is dressed like a woman but still looks like a man; there is no fully rounded character, it’s just a case of, “here Brendan – stick these women’s stockings on and be funny”.


This movie had me laughing out loud throughout. I kept wondering if I should be laughing as I’m not a fan of the man – but his slapstick style of delivery was hilarious, I just couldn’t fault it. Let me make one thing clear: this movie is bloody daft. If you’re expecting a plot and dialogue even remotely serious then don’t go and see it, because you’ll only end up rolling your eyes at it.
It reminded me a little of the Harry Hill Movie; the main character performing stupid stunts like falling over backwards or tripping over something on the floor as straight-faced people stare at him. Brendan O’Carroll got this dynamic spot-on.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.46.52

One scene sees Agnes Brown sitting outside her daughter’s office waiting for her to finish a meeting with a male colleague. Upon exiting the office, the man greets her:
MAN: “Madam”
AGNES: “Fuckface”.
I lauged out loud heartily.
And at the end of this scene Agnes jumps up to look through the office window, headbutting the glass in the process. I fucking howled with laughter. It was wonderfully stupid, I was loving every second. Old fashioned though it may be, the physical comedy in this movie is precious. I mean, who wouldn’t laugh at people injuring themselves (in a comedy sense)? The laughter I experienced during this came from deep in my gut; that feeling when your natural reaction at something is a genuine exhale of a deep laugh – that is how funny parts of this movie are.





Mrs.Brown’s Boys D’Movie used something I’ve not seen before. It runs as a normal film, but at certain points explodes into outtakes. A scene will be being played out by the cast and suddenly Brendan says something funny which isn’t in the script – serious faces suddenly crack under the strain of laughing out loud. The man singlehandedly reduces his on-screen colleagues to tears with just three or four words.

These bits were kind of funny, but I couldn’t fathom why they didn’t leave the outtakes for the ending credits instead of throwing them into the movie? It reduced the structure of the movie itself, making it feel as though what I was watching was just a cast rehearsal where a few of them throw some non-scripted funny bits in at random. When the outtake is over and the cast have stopped laughing, they continue with their dialogue and the movie keeps running.
Bit of a sloppy approach at making the audience laugh – they could have easily saved these bits for the end credits.


Mrs-Browns-Boys-DMovie Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.54.04 Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.54.19 

Supporting Cast

Filmed in Dublin, this movie involves a lot of Irish folk – so if the accent grates on you, you’d best stay at home. They’re all pretty good and remain solid throughout. From market stall vendors to random people on the street, everyone who takes part is a good sport.

Personally, I had the hots for Danny O’Carroll. He is the perfect example of a “Sexy Chubster” – you know when you’re not usually attracted to larger boys, but then you see one who really pops your cork.. this was Danny. Cute, round chops and gorgeous eyes, I lapped the bastard up whenever he was on screen.
Cathy Brown (played by Jennifer Gibney) was good, but confused me slightly; she plays Mrs.Brown’s daughter – yet appeared to be just ten or so years younger than the old matriarch. So she wasn’t old and ragged, but she definitely looked too old to be her daughter.

Oh, and watch out for a certain member of Boyzone..



Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.53.25Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.57.37 

Feck It

I loved Brendan’s line delivery. He is a very quick-witted man, and proves it during this film. I was laughing out loud most of the time because of his style of comedy. One scene sees Buster and a Chinese man undertake a mission for Agnes in order to salvage a piece of evidence for her court case. When the Chinese man gets stuck in an air vent, Agnes goes to help him – but then quickly says, “fuck it, leave him there” in her raggy old Irish accent.
Again, I fucking howled with laughter.

I noticed Brendan doesn’t overdo his ‘funny man’ image. He coasts through the movie as scripted, delivering Mrs. Brown without going over the top. Apart from the odd outtake of course. I thought this movie would be a blank canvas for Brendan to go mad on and fanny about – but no – he doesn’t play on his opportunity to get a few more gags in, which was respectable.



Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie isn’t too be taken too seriously. Brendan O’Carroll brings a whole load of foul-mouthed hilarity to the big screen with his classic character, delivering a nice amount of slapstick to go with it.
If you’re a fan of the television show I have no doubt you’ll like it – but will you love it?.. this I’m not sure of, because even though I’m not a fan of the show, I got the feeling the movie was vastly different anyway – but then most tv-to-cinema features are, they don’t quite cut it on the big screen.
Give it a go if you do like a bit of Mrs. Brown though, I found bits hilarious and I’m not even a fan.





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