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Kick-Ass 2


Thought I’d hate it. Bloody loved it.

What is it about the whole ‘Kick-Ass’ thing delivering nothing but pure entertainment, even though I regarded it as “lame”!? I was definitely proved wrong.

Ok, so I haven’t seen number 1 – but that didn’t throw me too much; with number 2 it is pretty easy to pick up on what happened previously, as well as enjoy the present. And trust me there is a lot to be enjoyed.

Kick-Ass 2 opens with our main hero David – he seems to have retired from fighting crime, yet inspired many other ordinary citizens to become super heroes. His passion soon stirs, and he begins training with Mindy (Hit-Girl) so he can get back out there and be a “proper” hero.

Once he’s brushed up on his fighting skills, Kick-Ass joins a band of heroes called ‘Justice Forever’ (and by Christ, there are some characters here – one great one being a husband & wife duo, with the wife using her lethal handbag as her weapon) – but there’s just one problem – a problem in the shape of newly formed super-villain ‘Motherfucker’ and his gang of bad-boys. For our heroes, ‘saving the day’ has just become saving themselves’…

Kick-Ass 2 is very watchable & enjoyable; its non-stop action is slick, and what I can only describe as a PG-rated ‘Kill Bill’ – it offers plenty of gore and very graphic ideas, yet keeps its “teenage kicks” vibe radiating throughout. One scene sees Hit-Girl atop a speeding van delivering justice to a bunch of bad guys –  it was absolutely fantastic; fast-paced and thrilling, a kind of ’10 Ways To Kill Bad Guys On The Roof Of A Citroen’.  And her ‘make it home before dad’ motorbike rush was rather fun.

Characters: The 2 beauties who stood out for me were ‘Night-Bitch’ and ‘Mother Russia’.  Night-Bitch is just stunning, quirky and sports a fantastic leathery outfit, whereas Mother Russia is the total opposite; in fact, she’s so incredibly masculine that you could mistake her for an actual man if she didn’t have ‘knockers.

The only element of this movie that baffled me is the fact actual Police / Government let these masked heroes strut about wielding bloody huge Machetes, guns and other tools to perform their jobs. On the one hand, we have passionate people serving the community and doing some good – on the other, we have a bunch of masked randoms running around killing / injuring people but not being banged up for it.

And finally, the element of surprise; the fact grown men & women consider themselves as superheroes (outfit and all) but manage to escape being thrown into the nearest mental hospital because they’re doing good, but not actually flapping & flying around like a comic book super hero – they’re a level down, yet so many levels up.

In the end, I suppose its an inner-dream we all had at one stage. Rising high in a pair of horny leather pants whilst wielding a weapon of choice..    the only question on my lips is how does a schoolgirl of no more than 14 years old manage to display the talents of a trained adult assassin!? (am I going to have to watch the first movie to understand this?)

Oh, and just quickly: Kick-Ass’s body: Heavenly. Its just a shame about the face; keep the mask on big boy, and you’re on.

Fast, funny, slick and “FUCK YEAH!”  Definitely worth a watch.


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