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The Heat


Chalk and Cheese just became Charged and Champion..
That was absolutely FANTASTIC.

I must say, when I first saw the trailer for The Heat I was dubious – wasn’t sure if:
A) Bullock & McCarthy would make a dynamic enough pair
B) would they pull of being funny enough

..and I’m now sat eating humble pie, because these two smashed it out of the park.
(and across a few roads too)

The plot is simple:
Straight-laced FBI agent Sarah Ashburn is tight, simple and does everything by the rule book – leading her colleagues to despise her condescending attitude.
But when she’s sent to Boston on an undercover mission, she truly meets her match in Shannon Mullins – an undercover local Police agent who performs her job the exact opposite to Sarah (dragging people out of their cars through the window by their collar is one of her many skills)

The two “ladies” are sent on their mission, which proves side-splittingly hilarious throughout.
Unlike other movies I’ve seen, where a character swears way too much for the role to the point of cringing, I honestly couldn’t get enough of McCarthy’s foul mouth.
Every other line she utters has the word “fuck” in it, which only polishes her shabby, vulgar character to perfection – Bullock is less filthy, but soon picks up a trick or two from her colleague…

The ‘Slapstick’ genre is back ladies & gentlemen.
Heck, if this was the mid-80’s this would be the perfect film to rival the likes of Steve Martin and all those other funnies – this movie actually has that same feel as those old classics.
The director laces this movie with the perfect amount of “ouch” and “oops” moments, whilst ensuring our two girls keep up with the fast-paced action.
One-liner’s are the magic ingredient that keeps this one running, and some of the things McCarthy comes out with (be it racial slurs, sexual quips or general vulgar insults) are genuine ‘LOL’ moments (the audience were loving her)
And as for her physical comedy (falling over, running, etc.) – an absolute gem.

The Heat is blunt, blatant and bloody funny. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

A must-see.


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