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Why I Created This Site

Welcome to my film review site! Thanks for reading.
You will find most recent movies running down the the main screen the second you log on – just click on whatever one you want to know about.



Seeing a movie these days can be expensive. So log on, read up, and (possibly) save money. Grab an honest review about the film you’re going to see before you spend the money on it. That said, I am not a live feed so there may be a delay with publishing various reviews – I don’t exit the cinema with my laptop in my hand!

I’ve heard the following phrases quite often:

“..nah, I missed that. Couldn’t get tickets for it”

“…was thinking of going to see that – is it any good?”

“..missed it when it showed at the cinema, is it worth renting?”

So I’ve decided to help out by creating this site – to entertain and inform (and maybe save people a ‘bob’ or two). I made this site as user-friendly as possible. You want a review, I deliver the review. No fannying around with tedious page navigations, I give you all film reviews running down the one page – just click the one you want to read, and bosh. Simples.
I review each movie after I watch it with an honest write-up of its good and bad elements, and try to be as informative as possible – without spoiling the ending for you of course.

Although I am a proud owner of the Cineworld Unlimited Card which gives me the run of the cinema, I don’t often get to watch everything that is released due to timing, etc. But I do go to the cinema every week and see as much as I can.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 23.45.11

Please be aware many of my reviews contain “naughty words”. This is because I like to give as honest a review as possible that people will find effective – and entertaining.


Check this site regularly for all you need to know about the latest releases.

2 comments on “Why I Created This Site

  1. Tyrone
    February 13, 2016

    Great website Ricky. Good honest reviews.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Chris
    July 13, 2018

    Fascinating website Rick, really easy to to use and simple. Keep up the great work on your site

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