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The Post-lockdown Batch


This was exactly what I needed to release lockdown tension.
Absolutely fucking nuts, this film.


How do you gain more followers on social media? Be a murderous taxi driver of course. The second car-nutter movie of 2020 stars Joe Keery as a Spree driver with a sinister plan for each of his customers..

How can a film be entertaining and terrible?!


A complete and utter waste of time.
Which is ironic, seeing as time was going backwards in the film itself.


Disappointed isn’t the word.
Fuming might be the best way to sum up this terrible reunion.


This one took me by surprise with its funny script and charismatic lead female.
And is probably one of the best rom-coms I’ve seen in years.


Fills an hour or so, but isn’t the best thing I’ve seen.


1h 40min of non-stop foul behaviour and men beating the shit out of each other, complete with a dire script. I was genuinely almost in pain from wanting to get out of the cinema.


Generally, I like a bit of sex in a film. Except this one.
This was non-stop fucking and unnecessary fingering from open to close – just because the director could.
It also sends the worst message to young women everywhere, with the lead female staying with her troublesome boyfriend – because he’s good in the sack.


Imagine a child’s fairytale. But with some insufferable characters, and a highly predictable and uneventful plot. There’s your movie.


I may as well have walked into the middle of a London district and watched a daughter take her father shopping.


Creepy, but nowhere near as scary as it makes itself look.
I was actually gobsmacked it’s from the producers of Halloween and Insidious. I mean, those are good!?


Yes, yes, I know. What the hell was I thinking?

“the cinemas are about to close down again, so I’ll cram in as much shit as humanly possible..” is what I was thinking.

Full reviews of all of the above coming soon..

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