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Red 2


I’ve said it once.
And I’ll say it again:

Helen Mirren wielding a M3 Machine Gun is just GENIUS.

Red 2 is pretty simple:
Frank Moses tries to settle into a normal life with his girlfriend Sarah – until of course, his old colleague Marvin turns up and then EVERYONE are thrown into chaos..
There’s a life-threatening nuclear weapon on the horizon, and our team of assassin oldies shoot, race, crash and slice their way through various countries in order to stop it.

Bruce Willis manages to keep a lid on it for once, and doesn’t over-cook his role, making way for his sidekick Mary-Louise Parker.
And she’s bloody hilarious.
Throw Helen Mirren & Anthony Hopkins into the mix, and you have a delicious recipe for a film.

Unlike many action movies (which drag out the story with boardroom talks & long walks down hallways whilst operatives discuss the next plan of action) Red manages to keep it slick and speedy, whilst keeping the audience on its toes.
The cartoon opening sequence is the first to explode onto the screen – and throughout, you get brief ‘cutaway’ cartoon stills whenever the movie makes an important move.
And then, along comes a spider…

Yes, I’m talking about Catherine-Zeta.
No one pulls off the jet-black, spindly ‘Arachnid’ personality quite like her (in fact, she kind of reminds me of the eerie result if ‘The Joker’ had babies with a Tarantula)
She adds a nice swish of spice as “should I or shouldn’t I join them?”
Katya – Frank’s old girlfriend from years ago, who is also bloody good with a gun or two.

John Malkovich – bloody hilarious.
A very funny old bloke, who just cannot fail to deliver a line with superb comic timing.
And of course – Anthony Hopkins; the old crazy dude locked up in a home (until they break him out) who appears rather endearing..
..and then suddenly, his sinister plans are revealed…

Overall, Red 2 produces more than enough adrenaline, shoot-up’s and action, drenched in comedy.
One minute we’re in London. The next – Russia. The next – Paris. It really is non-stop.
And at last – an action movie which oozes the same amount of Oestrogen as it does Testosterone!

The highlight:
(obviously) Helen Mirren.
Sorry people, but she carries these movies.
Her graceful ‘nice old lady in a fur coat’ stature is completely splintered into “F*CK YEAH!”
Whether she’s knocking down soldiers like dominoes from a distance, or dressed like a Queen (a-hem. Come on ‘Hels) as she slams & kicks her way out of a mental institution, she adds nothing but explosive power to her role.

Oh, and watch out for the slow-motion scene where she spins her sports car 360 degrees in a Central London street, whilst blazing guns using both arms, out of both windows.. BRILLIANT.
(I was actually rooting for her on the edge of my seat.
Sad I know)

Explosive, enjoyable stuff.


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