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Frances Ha


Good God, that was painful.

Imagine Bridget Jones was a documentary.
Now remove all the humour, jokes, and endearing characters.
And replace Bridget with an unhinged, shabby female whose irritating personality will grind on you.


…welcome to ‘Frances Ha’

This attempt at comedy was an absolute bloody shambles, from beginning to end.
There really isn’t a lot to report, other than the main character’s ‘antics’.
And I say ‘antics’ with inverted comma’s, because nothing ever actually happens.
This movie is basically a documentary of the daily life of Frances – as the relationship between her and her best friend starts to drift.
Shot entirely in black & white (the director clearly thought he was the next James Cameron for doing this), Frances sleeps, eats, smokes and visits her parents.
And occasionally takes part in a local dance class.

There are one or two perceptive scenes which reflect scenarios / emotions most of us have experienced which was good.
But I’m afraid this really is the only element of the film that holds any merit.

This entire feat was a snooze-fest, and the salt in the wound was the main actress, who portrayed a girl you’d actually be embarrassed to introduce to other human beings (although I couldn’t help wondering if she is like this in real life)
You know that classic character at a party or in the pub – who comes out with highly irrelevant crap, drops jokes whose punchlines are sheer silence, and just doesn’t know when to shut up?..
That’s Frances.

I have never seen a “movie” that inadvertently becomes a documentary – about absolutely nothing.
This honestly was like sticking a camcorder on the shoulder of an oblivious, tedious woman, and having to sit through the entire footage for no reason.

They really will make a movie of ANYTHING nowadays.



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