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The Frozen Ground


Have you ever stumbled upon one of those awfully boring films on an obscure channel late at night, and switched over.. ..then switched back somewhere near the end, to see if the killer got caught, but genuinely: You couldn’t give a sh*t?

…welcome back.

Frozen Ground? … Frozen Balls more like, I literally turned to stone whilst tediously enduring this movie.

We basically spend the entire film suffering, as Nicholas Cage drags out exposing a serial killer to record breaking length. And its painful.

Whereas most police forces would have the victim stand and point out the predator, this team seem hell bent on keeping the victim as far away as possible from him, whilst sitting at their desks rummaging through DNA-spattered evidence. Oh, but of course – “We can’t just burst into his home and accuse him. We need proof”

Based on a true story or not, this movie is nothing short of dull. Tedious. Agonising. And a completely painful watch.

Oh, the story – fascinating. The way the director produced it – let’s just say, I’m not surprised theres just ONE showing a day (at 9:30 at night) The tedious process all leads up to a final confrontation with John Cusack’s character, where he finally explodes in rage and announces to the female victim: “I should’ve killed you when I had the chance”

..Cue tears streaming down the girl’s face, stunned expressions on all policemen, and the shameful look on the predator’s chops.

..in all honesty, during the stunned silence, I’m surprised one of the characters didn’t turn to the camera and say: “could we not have gotten to this bit an hour ago?”

7th worst movie I’ve seen this year.


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